About the Conference

What We Do

Our purpose is to recognize that because of our God-given differences, each of us brings a unique ability for Kingdom building. 

The beginnings of the team started in 2012 with the Living Color Conference coming together in its present form in 2019.  Our goal is to empower people to recognize that every personality color has its own distinct characteristics.  Our focus is to encourage the mindset that each color's strengths are equally important and beneficial. 

The Living Color Conference is a great tool for you to learn about yourself and all those with whom you interact.  By valuing each person's personality color, we hope to show you how a team works better by understanding all four colors.  Contact us to learn more about booking a conference!

How We Do It

Here's the basic flow of our conferences:

We offer either a one day or two day conference format depending on the needs of your group. 

Who We Are

Each of us brings a unique ability to the table that results in something special happening.

We believe that understanding ourselves and those around us helps to more perfectly keep Christ’s command to love each other. Through understanding our own and others' personalities, we become more accepting and forgiving of both ourselves and others. We have conscientiously tried to foster a tool that relies on science while also celebrating the differences of each of the colors.  Each member of our team is strong in her personality color to share her own unique understanding and perspective of how that color works. 

Where We've Been