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1 Peter 4:10

The Living Color Conference offers an easy-to-remember method of understanding diverse personality traits, recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses, and explaining how best to engage with others to accomplish common goals. At the conference, the team provides scriptural context to show how God intentionally designed each personality to play a vital role in Kingdom work.

Upcoming Conferences

April 27, 2024

Redbank Church of Christ

Chattanooga, Tennessee

September 2024

Lipscomb University Nursing Students

About the Conference

Come learn about the four personality "colors" and how God designed them to work together. The Living Color Conference is a great tool for you to learn about yourself and all those with whom you interact – family, friends, co-workers, and church members, to name a few! There is value in each personality type, and we will show you how great things can be accomplished when you understand how all of the personalities work together.

Meet the Team

Utilizing a team collective of 57 years in the education field and in the non-profit world  and over 140 years of marriage, Rhonda Beckham, Debbie Mankin, Cindy Patton, and Trish Waldron have drawn from their experiences to explain why each personality color has specific defining characteristics.

Get the Book

Colorfully Constructed: How God Builds His Kingdom with Unique Personality Colors provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the four personality colors, a simple tool used to identify those colors in yourself and others, and the value of personality diversity in Kingdom work.